The Residently Guide to a Post-Brexit Housing Market

Posted by

Marina Cheal

on July 19, 2019

In some ways, the time couldn’t be better to be a landlord.

Indeed, of the 17 million UK adults currently renting, 12 million are intending to stay doing so for the long term.

But with Brexit on the horizon, the outlook isn't so clear.

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Changing visa situations, economic uncertainty and the rise of 'generation rent' are set to change the way we think about property.

Whatever the outcome, this has the potential to completely change the way landlords do business - so it’s vital you stay informed.

Our newest guide will help you do just that.

We've spoken to four of the UK's most informed and influential property professionals to get their opinions on how the UK housing market will react to Brexit - and what the fallout will mean for landlords.

In this in-depth PDF guide, we answer YOUR key questions about how Brexit will affect you as a landlord:

  • Whether Rental Demand Will Increase or Decrease? 
  • How Brexit Will Affect Rental Growth – Will Rents Go Up or Down? 
  • Is it Worth Selling or Buying Right Now? 
  • What to do about ‘Right to Rent’? 
  • And more questions clearly answered, backed up with research and industry insight.

Our experts:

  • Neil Tillott, Business Director at Placebuzz
  • Meera Chindooroy, Policy and Public Affairs Manager at the National Landlords Association
  • Rob Symes, Head of Lettings Innovation at Rightmove
  • Paul Spencer Head of Innovation Real Estate at Reach PLC

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