Introducing Trevor

Posted by

Sam Phillips

on October 31, 2017

I’m super happy to report that Trevor Stunden has joined our London team as our new Commercial Director.

A former colleague (and friend), Trevor and I worked together a couple of years ago at Shutl, where he led on commercial activities and partnerships. After we sold the business to eBay, he worked within eBay shipping to create the Shutl shipping option that’s now available to sellers worldwide.

Trevor has spent the last 2+ years helping launch and grow AB-InBev’s (the big guys in beer) technology innovation arm, Zx Ventures, here in Europe. In fact, his whole career has been focused on bringing technology to traditional industries — just as we’re doing with the property rental sector. One of his first tasks is to expand his acquisitions team and he’ll be looking for some business development people immediately. So… if you know somebody in London who would be awesome at finding and signing property owners, let them know we’re hiring!

Expect to bump into Trevor at property and tech events around London — it might be winter but as a native Canadian, he’s happy to brave the cold to learn about the industry and meet new people, all with the help of the occasional free beer)

Welcome aboard Trevor!